When I start a sketch and everything seems to be going wrong with the piece I usually close out of photoshop and storm off somewhere to contemplate why I put up with this whole ‘artist’ thing anyway. What gets left behind in my art-folder are stacks of drawings labeled ‘kdjhjsd’ or ‘jsdihf’, serving as weird reminder of the anxiety I feel when I can’t get it right. Other than that, they just kinda sit there. 

Every once in a while, if I’m bored or my internet is out, I’ll open one of these old files. If I’m feeling particularly confident I might end up doing a drawing right next to the failed attempt from ages ago. I’ll even compete with my old self, thinking things like, “HAH, look how easy it is for me now!”

After I’m done, what now remains serves as a reminder of art blocks I’ve overcome! So, for the next time you just can’t get it right: close out of it, label it as ‘dsjhsd’, and put in an entirely separate folder. Once you’re feeling good about yourself and your work again, open that folder up and kick your old self’s butt! Hopefully now it might remind you that art blocks are temporary, and if you can make it through them, you’ll be a better artist because of it ///-u-///

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1 Hour Concept

Day 18: panel animation test

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1 Hour Concept

Days 15-17: animated panel test

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but every page or every other page, (maybe just every page,) a panel will be partially animated!

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1 Hour Concept

Day 16: Rohan finished color

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1 Hour Concept

Day 15: Rohan color-sketch

I’m going to do more work on this for tomorrow…

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1 Hour Concept

Day 13 & 14: Rohan Solbain

More designs for him are coming up soon!

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One Hour Concept

Day 11 & 12: Zhen Leondo

The illustration on the left is the one I decided I liked and the right one I scraped. I’m not sure why I chose to make his outfit so dark at first, but I did think the color palette was fairly interesting. I think the first sign of trouble was when I came back to the piece and thought he was wearing a kilt. The palette also makes him appear to be much more sinister, (other than being unintentionally Scottish). I’ve recently become intrigued by the effect and balance of color and thought I’d post an example of one of my mess-ups, just for the fun of it. 

Here’s the old design, just incase any of you are interested in how much he’s changed!

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1 hour concept

Day 10: Mei Xin

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1 hour concept

Day 9: Misheel’s home

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I hour concept

Day 8: The Taurad ghost/Misheel’s companion

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